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OC Kabob & Grill

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115th St. At the Gold Coast Mall, , , 21842
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OC Kabob and Grill
I have had the pleasure of enjoyment of fine mid eastern fare at OC Kabob and Grill on at least a half dozen occasions this past year. I have some preferences but I mostly enjoy the Kabob's. The meals are produced with the finest ingredients and with intent to offer the best kabob possible. This they have achieved every time I have dined there. The guys and gals there are very friendly, honest and courteous. The food is prepared efficiently and in turn promptly served and is delicious! I have also enjoyed other meals there and they too were every bit as tasty as the Kabobs. I also feel that their prices are in line with the market place for the quality of food served in addition to the prompt friendly service. I stop there when ever I have an occasion to be in OC with an opportunity to eat. I also very much enjoy talking with Al and the guys. This is a very sincere presentation of my experiences and I feel anyone traveling to OC should try to get in and enjoy the food and smiles

1 of 1 people found this review helpful
On my last visit to Ocean City MD one week ago I stoped by this little place in the gold coast mall after it was recommended by some locals, the place was very clean, the service and food was EXCELLENT. I'll be back for more.

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gyro's worth 45 miles!
This is my first time doing anything of this type of stuff, but after trying the OC Kabob's gyro, I felt I had to pay my dues. If you're not as lucky as to have your own chef sitting around waiting for you to get hungry (I know I'm not), this is the next best thing. It all has that home-cooked feeling, and the friendliest service I've EVER seen. The drive all the way from Salisbury for these is well worth the time and money.

food, prices, friendliness. everything possible = A+++++++++++

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