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Marina Club at Captain's Cove, The

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3332 Captain's Corridor, , , 23356
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Bad food, noisy, and terrible price-performance.
This review is for dinner-dining, not for the local bar-pick-up scene, which seems to be the main goal of this place.

More than a week in advance, we made reservations for 9 people for a 7PM Thursday dinner in early August. When we arrived, the dining area wasn't very crowded but they seated our 3-generation party in a waterfront section near the dance floor with a DJ playing music so loudly that we couldn't talk with each other. Apparently the DJ and dance floor were there to serve the noisy, lowbrow crowd that hangs out at the bar located in the MIDDLE of the dining area. We repeatedly asked the DJ and the waiter to turn down the volume, which he did a bit, temporarily, before cranking it up again so that we couldn't talk. I guess it's more important to try to draw the bar crowd out onto the dance floor at 7PM than to let your dinner clients talk with each other. Then once the bar patrons start line-dancing around 7:45PM, you have no chance of getting the DJ to turn it down because that's his only reason to exist.

This place is waterfront, so you'd expect a nice view, but the air-conditioned dining area has a partial-glass wall (not floor-to-ceiling) and then a partial-screen patio separating it from the bay, so even though our table was "water-front", the view was fairly obstructed and not what you might expect. Rather disappointing. Though I guess if the weather were cool enough, and your party were small enough to eat at one of the smaller tables on the non-air-conditioned patio, you'd get a decent waterfront view.

The food was unacceptably bad, definitely not worth the high prices, and absolutely not worth the drive that we made from Chincoteague. Although I live in a metropolitan area with good restaurants, I've been vacationing at my parents' house in in nearby Chincoteague for 25 years, so I have low expectations for (and I'm very accepting of) restaurants in this rural locale, and so my rating is relative to the locale (not relative to, say DC). But this was the worst dining experience (and definitely the worst price-performance) I've ever had on the Eastern Shore. Some of the food was just awful. For example, the balsamic vinaigrette "dressing" on our salads was actually just pure balsamic vinegar (without oil, water, spices, etc.) so the vinegar choked us, making the salads inedible. The coleslaw was like a bowl of mayonnaise accented with some shredded cabbage (not cabbage in a mayonnaise sauce). It was like eating spoons full of mayo and it was so disgusting that none of us could eat it. The seafood-combo-on-pasta entree was served on a bed of linguine soaking in a pool of melted butter like it was butter-noodle soup. It was so bad that nobody who ordered it could eat more than a couple bites of the butter-soaked pasta (though the seafood on top of the pasta was OK since it mostly sat above the puddle of butter). The broiled halibut entree was OK, as was the fried shrimp entree. Nothing special. Just broiled fish and fried shrimp like you could get anywhere else in the area for about 1/2 - 2/3 the price of Captain's Cove.

The waiter was a nice kid and the food was delivered in a reasonable amount of time (though not everyone's food was hot enough).

The portions were mostly OK. People who ordered French fries with fried shrimp were satisfied, but people who ordered French fries with broiled fish received a small amount of fries because there was no room on the plate, and many of the fries were soaking in fish juices because the chef couldn't be bothered to use a bigger plate or a separate plate.

I never write restaurant reviews, but this was such a bad dining experience, and we were so disgusted that I felt compelled to write a review warning others. Honestly, I just don't know how somebody could run a restaurant so poorly. The manager must know nothing about restaurants or food. It's astounding. I guess the main goal of this place is to attract the bar-crowd & pick-up scene because the food & dining experience is unacceptably poor even at normal prices, let alone at their high prices.

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