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Dragon House Restaurant

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25068 Lankford Hwy., , , 23418
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Greedy - Poor Customer Service
I have gotten take out from this buffet since they first opened. In the beginning they were helpful and accommodating when certain things got low. It has gotten worse and worse through the years and the owner or manager has no interest whatsoever in customer service. Today, although the Gen Tso Chix was one half old and one half fresh I happily took a mixture without trying to pick out just the fresh. I took from all else as it was except the green beans were old and shriveled and there were only about 15 beans left in the pan. I asked for more. The waitress, very friendly, went over to the manager or owner, I don't know what he is, and he said no in a very unfriendly manner. He got up to take my pay, I told him I would not return and he did not care. It is a shame that Customer Service means so little to them. This has been going on for well over a year now. It is RARE I request more or fresh of something but they ALWAYS balk, even the times they do it. I am finished. I have lots of folks coming to rent a vacation home I have this summer and I will NOT put their info in the local restaurant book, just China Chefs. I hope not fixing a few beans or the other things they have refused to do over the past year or more is worth losing customers and getting bad press.

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