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byNUMBerger, January 8, 2010
Big portions (although they have grown smaller over time) from your choice of a wide array of fresh ingredients make up a tasty salad. Make it a combo with some soup or chili and some pop for about $10. Salad comes with a fresh-baked roll.

Friendly staff in a snug dining room that can be crowded during the lunch rush. Parking can be a bit tricky in a cramped shared lot.

They have sandwiches and cater too.
byNUMBerger, December 28, 2009
A holiday dinner at Fisherman's in late Dec 09 reunited son (and girlfriend), father, and brother at the very popular seafood restaurant in Grasonsville. We arrived at 5:00pm, just in front of a big crowd (waits were 20 minutes as we left around 6:15pm) for some delicious seafood and that's what we got.

I had the daily special Thai Hallibut (Canada) with a delicious sauce of rice, chili, fish sauce, garlic, and limes. Girlfirend had Sesame Crusted Tilapia -Sauteed, atop seaweed salad, with pickled ginger and Hawaiian barbecue sauce. Very good, but with only a small garnish of seaweed salad. Brother had the crabcakes, which were great, and Dad had a flounder dish which was good. Veggie of the day was mashed roots and they were good.

Although we did not have any soup last night, the Cream of Crab Soup is always delicious and the daily soup of a take on French Onion sounded delicious too.

The Only real drawbacks are the crowds (where do all these folks come from?!), the smallish tables in the crowded dining room, and the oversized prices. They knocked this review from excellent to good.

Service was good and the noise level was good too.
byNUMBerger, December 5, 2009
What a pleasant surprise... We were headed to another eating establishment and decided to throw caution to the wind and eat at the Tuscany Grill, which we had only passed by before. Directly across from SU, this family-run eatery was so delicious that we stopped by the next night too. Kabobs of fish, chicken or beef delicately spiced and surrounded by freshly grilled veggies on top of basmati rice with a side of fresh-baked naan.

Yummy and easy on the wallet. Please try this delightful place.
byNUMBerger, November 3, 2009
UNO's Chicago Grill
Average food that is branching out in all sorts of directions without much reason from the pizza that started it all. Almost everything but the special (snack hours in the bar, the quick lunches, and the coupons that appear almost daily) is too expensive for what you get.

If you must have a good imitation of a Chicago-style pizza, this is the only place in town.

Skip the pizza skins, ick!

Service is inconsistent. They seem to hire first-time wait staff that has not figured out the job yet.
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