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byjaydish, March 21, 2010
Lucky Star
I have eaten there 4 times. Once was carry out for lunch the other three were for dinner. It was great every time. The food is always hot and fresh, the service is always wonderful. Everyone is very friendly. I will be back. Anyone that like this type of food needs to try this place. I do not like sushi but they have a very good selection and it looks great! The interior is very nice, good background music.
byjaydish, February 14, 2010
Never been before. I have heard lots of people talk about how good it is and they are right. The food was fantastic! I had the city slicker chicken, great! The service was a little slow, they forgot us. So they gave us a free dessert. I will be back. Everyone needs to try it.
byjaydish, January 10, 2010
All I can say is sad, sad, sad. They did not have legs, mac and cheese, green beans. Most of the help had been transfered from the Taco Bell they tore down. No one bothered to teach them how to run the store. The managers were no where to be found. People were asking for there mony back because thet had to wait so long.
byjaydish, January 7, 2010
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They have been open for 4 days and I have been there twice. The food is great, the service is outstanding. Your glass is never empty. It is a small place but the food is great. Price is much cheaper than other buffets in the area. I will be back.
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